Community and Retreat Center

Building The Vibrant Heart Of Our Community - The Amistar Foundation envisions a Multi-Use Community and Retreat Center, not merely as a place but as the beating heart of transformation, growth, and communal embrace. We're delighted to announce that our initial architectural plans are taking shape, heralding an inspiring new chapter in our shared journey. More than just a venue for wellness activities and community events, this future nexus will be a living tapestry, reflecting the needs and aspirations of the community it serves. A series of community consultations are underway to solicit valuable feedback and ensure that this space is thoughtfully designed to respect local culture and serve as a haven for all who step through its doors. We warmly invite our valued donors to be a part of this pivotal moment, adding their voices and support to a project that promises to uplift and bind our community together.

Every contribution brings us one step closer to realizing this beacon of wellness and community spirit.

Community & Retreat Center

Set to become the heartbeat of Amistar Foundation, our community & retreat center is not just a building, but a home to our headquarters, the cradle of our programs, and the bedrock of our mission. This space will provide an open and welcoming environment for education, workshops, conferences, and wellness retreats. Our hub of transformation and healing will break ground in late 2023, with doors flinging open by mid to late 2024. As our present paramount focus, we're rallying the support of grants, donations, and loans to lay the foundation of this dream. Once realized, the center will stand as a beacon, inviting nonprofit organizations with shared visions to reserve our space for retreats or activities on an at-cost basis. The ripple effect of this synergy will be nothing short of exponential, resonating well beyond our walls. When not in use for our activities, it will be available for short-term rentals to the public, with all profits directed towards furthering our charitable purposes.

  • Veterans' Programs: Tailored experiences to support our heroes in their transitions.

  • Wellness Retreats: For individuals seeking solace, healing, and renewal.

  • Community Workshops: Empowerment and skills-building for local and indigenous communities.

  • Environmental Programs: Championing sustainable practices and Earth-centered learning.

  • Collaborative Conferences: A melting pot for changemakers, visionaries, and allies.

  • Cultural Experiences: Celebrating diversity through arts, music, and shared stories.

We plan to begin accepting applications mid 2024 for both paid retreats/events (with profits feeding directly back into Amistar) and at-cost for aligned organizations. Reach out if you desire more information, and be sure to subscribe for updates if you'd like to be kept informed!

Financial Sustainability

Imagine a vibrant community gathering for cultural exchanges, reading groups, permaculture workshops, yoga and Qi Gong classes, and joyous celebrations. Envision the youth venturing from the mountains to the beach for unforgettable school field trips. Picture the aromas of delicious cuisine prepared with skill and love as diverse members of the larger community feast together. Feel the heartfelt connections that deepen through laughter, hugs, and the brave shedding of vulnerable tears.

To ensure the financial sustainability of our mission, we will offer lodging options. The non-profit will own four economical studio rooms, with 100% of proceeds reinvested back into the project. Additionally, the founder will own three luxury casitas alongside the creek, committing 30% of the profits to the project. Income from Airbnb and short-term rentals will subsidize the community center and fund community projects. Based on current market analysis of the local area and with construction estimated to be completed in less than a year, we project that by the end of FY 2024 we will be able to cover ALL operating costs strictly from rentals, with ALL donations going directly to programming.


Most importantly, these accommodations will serve as a restful haven for Veterans' Retreats—a powerful initiative to help fellow veterans heal from the invisible wounds of military service. By connecting the Costa Rican community and the veteran community, we foster newfound support and friendship. Together, we can save lives and deepen the relationship individuals have with themselves, their families, their communities, and this beautiful Earth we all share. Together, we can transform an extraordinary vision into reality.

Be part of Amistar Foundation's journey - support our mission of cultivating wellness, nurturing friendships, and building resilient communities in harmony with nature.

Your involvement, whether through sharing this vision, cheering us on, or providing a loan or grant, will help shape a future of deep connection to the Earth and to each other. A future in which we thrive, not just survive.


If you can make introductions, desire more details, or have ideas to share. Together, let us create a legacy of positive change.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Abi Dorhosti, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

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