Community Wellness

Harmonizing Healing and Giving Back - Amistar Foundation believes in the power of connection and reciprocity. We're committed to fostering a vibrant healing community, one that welcomes veterans and all those seeking respite from trauma. Yet, we recognize that we're guests in a diverse, dynamic locale, rich in culture and wisdom. Our Community Wellness Program aims to give back to these extraordinary communities that host our healing center - the indigenous BriBri, custodians of the Talamanca mountains; the AfroCaribbean tribes, founders of the coastal communities; and all those who contribute to the richness of the Caribe Sur. By supporting new and existing community programs, we are not just aiding, but participating in a network of wellness initiatives that promote the health and well-being of this unique region. Together, we nurture individual healing journeys while also preserving the wellness and vitality of our collective community.

Community Wellness Programs

Amistar will support new and existing Community Programs in partnership with the Indigenous BriBri community, custodians of the Talamanca mountain range; the AfroCaribbean tribes who established the coastal communities; and other Community supporters to sustain Community Wellness projects that promote the overall health and well-being of the vibrant communities of the Talamanca mountains and Southern Caribbean, known as the Caribe Sur. Future grants will be guided by the needs and requests of partnered community organizations. Examples of possible programming include:

  • Purchase of school computers

  • Other school supplies

  • Educational curriculum

  • Sponsored educational activities or excursions

  • Other? Submit your ideas through our Contact Form!

Imagine a vibrant community gathering for cultural exchanges, permaculture workshops, yoga and Qi Gong classes, and joyous celebrations. Envision the youth venturing from the mountains to the beach for unforgettable school field trips. Picture the aromas of delicious cuisine prepared with skill and love as diverse members of the larger community feast together. Feel the heartfelt connections that deepen through laughter, hugs, and the brave shedding of vulnerable tears.

To ensure the financial sustainability of our mission, we will offer lodging options. The non-profit will own four economical studio rooms, with 100% of proceeds reinvested back into the project. Additionally, the founder will build three luxury casitas alongside a creek bordering the Center, committing 30% of the profits to the project. Income from Airbnb and short-term rentals will subsidize the community center and fund community projects. Based on current market analysis of the local area, we project an annual revenue of $250,000, with construction estimated to be completed in less than a year.

Furthermore, these accommodations will serve as a restful haven for the Veterans' Retreats hosted by the founder—a powerful initiative to help fellow veterans heal from the invisible wounds of military service. By connecting the Costa Rican community and the veteran community, we foster newfound support and friendship. Together, we can save lives and deepen the relationship individuals have with themselves, their families, their communities, and this beautiful Earth we all share. To realize the full potential of this vision, I seek loan(s) and grants totaling an additional $600,000. As a retired Air Force Lt Col with an impeccable credit score and a guaranteed lifetime government pension, I am deeply committed to this project. Unfortunately, traditional banks aren't open to international investments, which is why I turn to you, my friends. I implore you to help me find lenders, investors, and donors who share our commitment to community, conservation, and fostering Right Relationship with both the land and its people. Together, we can transform an extraordinary vision into reality.

Be part of Amistar's journey! Support our mission of cultivating wellness, nurturing friendships, and building resilient communities in harmony with nature.

Your involvement, whether through sharing this vision, cheering us on, or providing a loan or grant, will help shape a future of deep connection to the Earth and to each other. A future in which we thrive, not just survive.


If you can make introductions, desire more details, or have ideas to share. Together, let us create a legacy of positive change.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Abi Dorhosti, Lt Col (Ret), USAF

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